John Kalin's Sn3 Layout

John's Sn3 Rio Grande Southern fills a 23' x 50' room with about 225' of mainline and 150 on the Telluride Branch. Easy DCC with Soundtraxx is used to control the layout.

John Kalin (L) and Ken Stanley (R) Pete Smith (L)    
kalin10.jpg kalin03.jpg kalin04.jpg kalin05.jpg
      "?" (L), Brian Post, Pete Smith, "?"
kalin06.jpg kalin07.jpg kalin08.jpg kalin11.jpg
Pete Smith (L) and John Kalin (R) John Fisher (L) and Pete Smith    
kalin12.jpg kalin13.jpg kalin14.jpg kalin15.jpg
John Kalin (L), Buck Graybill, Pete Smith, Brian Post, Ken Stanley and Chuck Lind (R) John Kalin (L) and "?" (R) Bob Bayley watches a train works its way up to Ophir. Brian Post
kalin16.jpg kalin17.jpg kalin18.jpg kalin19.jpg
  Pete Smith (L) and John Kalin (R)    
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kalin24.jpg kalin25.jpg