Lyle Anderson's Sn3 Layout

Lyle's Sn3 version of the Rio Grande Southern is housed in a 18' x 23' specially prepared room. All wall, corner and and ceiling transitions are coved to visually expand our view beyond the "real" dimensions.

"?" (L), Lyle Anderson (C) and "?" (R) Lyle Anderson (L) and "?" (R) John Fisher (L), Steve Amitrano, "?" and Lyle Anderson (R) John Fisher
lyle55.jpg lyle53.jpg lyle59.jpg lyle61.jpg
"?" (L), "?" (C) and Lyle Anderson (R)     E. E. "Ted" Van Pelt (L) and Jeff Boock (R)
lyle62.jpg lyle63.jpg lyle64.jpg lyle66.jpg
"?" (L), Lyle Anderson (C) and "?" (R) Jeff Boock (L) and Steve Amitrano (L)   "?" (L), Lyle Anderson (C) and "?" (R)
lyle67.jpg lyle68.jpg lyle71.jpg lyle73.jpg
Lyle Anderson (L), "?", "?", and "?" (R)