Tom Troughton's Sn3 Layout

Tom's Sn3 Cimarron & Tall Timbers RR fills most of a 17' x 28' space. Large engines and steep grades rule as trains move over the Cimarron Division of the D&RGW. Trestles and mines dot the landscape of this miniature version of the Rocky Mountains.

Tom Troughton Tom Troughton (L), Denise Showalter (C) and Norm Suydam (R) Steve Amitrano (L) and John Fisher (R) Steve Amitrano (L) and John Fisher (R)
tomt148.jpg tomt145.jpg tomt127.jpg tomt131.jpg
Mike Lehman (L) and Steve Amitrano (R) Chuck Mitchell checks out a string of gons pulled by Engine 361. Mike Lehman Craig Raymond
tomt135.jpg tomt139.jpg tomt149.jpg tomt01.jpg
Mike Lehman (L) and Norm Suydam (R) Allen Pollock (L) and Art Van De Water (R) Art Van De Water Art Van De Water (L), Marc LaChey (C) and Keith Stamper (R)
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Keith Stamper Keith Stamper (L) and Marc LaChey (R) Marc LaChey (L), Art Van De Water (C) and Greg Jackson (R) Marc LeChay (L), Greg Jackson (C) and Steve McKee (R)
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Russell Crump The Graybill Family (L) and Russell Crump (R) Russell Crump (L), Buck Graybill and daughter (R) The Graybill Family
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Martin Pirnot Vance Clearwater (L) & Pete Davis (R) Martin Pernot (L) and Jim Besleme (R) (L-R) Martin Pirnot, Jim Besleme, Vance Clearwater & Pete Davis
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Randy Smith Randy Smith
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