Herb Koenig's HO/HOn3 Layout

Herb Koenig's HO/HOn3 Cordite & Flatriver is home to a scratchbuilt model of the Devil's Gate bridge and a seven-foot long logging trestle. Herb's layout fills a 30 x 17 foot room and is nearly completed.

Gerald Carson (L) and Herb Koenig (R) Steve Amitrano (L), Joe and Patrick Dixon.   Gerald Carson
herbk277.jpg herbk276.jpg herbk279.jpg herbk280.jpg
Scratchbuilt Devil's Gate Bridge     Kelly Morris
herbk282.jpg herbk284.jpg herbk286.jpg herbk287.jpg
Herb Koenig (L), and "?".   The seven-foot long wooden trestle is completely scratchbuilt.
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