Contest Entries

Here are a few examples of the many great models that were on display. Click on an individual Thumbnail image to see a larger view.

      2ND PLACE MAINTENANCE OF WAY (NON-REV) PCT On30 Work Train by Garry Cerrone. The loco is a heavily reworked Bachmann Porter. The tender, crane car and caboose are all scratch built while the blacksmith car is a heavily reworked Cable car.
contest152.jpg contest153.jpg contest156.jpg contest157.jpg
FIRST PLACE MAINTENANCE OF WAY, NON-REVENUE RGS Rotary #2 (On3) built by Mallory Hope Ferrell      
contest158.jpg contest159.jpg contest160.jpg contest161.jpg
  Bill White's #340 This 1:32 scale locomotive by Charley Lix of Sparks NV. started life as a Bachmann On30 model. Only the chassis remains of the highly modified engine, everything else is fabricated.  
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  Engine 497 Sn3 by Tom Troughton    
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2ND PLACE FREIGHT CAR D&RGW Double Deck Stock Car built by Chris Zygmunt 3RD PLACE FAVORITE TRAIN Mine train built by P. G. Todd    
contest170.jpg contest171.jpg contest172.jpg contest173.jpg
  FIRST PLACE STEAM LOCOMOTIVE #491 built by Louis Bartig BEST OF SHOW and FIRST PLACE STRUCTURES Pandora Mining Company 20 Stamp Mill built by Ken Ehler  
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    FIRSTPLACE DIORAMA "Thunderbird Hotel" built by Brian Block FIRSTPLACE DIORAMA "Thunderbird Hotel" built by Brian Block
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